From Discouragement to Determination 

 The word discouragement means – a loss of confidence or enthusiasm. Discouragement comes when people disappoint you, or when you are exhausted, or when your expectations were too high.

If you don’t keep your focus on God … you WILL get discouraged. 

When you get discouraged, it’s important to go AGAINST your feelings. Feelings come and feelings go – they are NEVER permanent. You can’t make important decisions when you are discouraged. So, do not give in to discouragement.

Don’t quit!!! There are some people who will turn their backs on you …but you ….keep your eye on what you’re doing. 

Accept the hard times along with the good times. Do what you NEED to do until you can do WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!! It’s your story and you are the author….so don’t stop writing. It will be worth the read – someone will be inspired. 

Life is a journey, not a competition so we must take time to enjoy the experience. Our goal is to get to our destination. 

Refuse to be distracted or to lose confidence in yourself. Don’t wait for anyone to applaud you. We are alive today because we have Purpose — so we must give it our best.

Arriving at our destination is not going to easy but it will be worth it. It’s never too late for God to intervene and calm our troubled soul. God continues to strengthen us to get around every roadblock. Yes He does!! 

The LORD is our peace and we will stand still. It feels real good when God is involved in our every move. God always restores our faith and confidence in Him and in OURSELVES. 




3 thoughts on “From Discouragement to Determination 

  1. I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence coming my help. My help comes from the Lord. We have to stay focused. Excellent encouragement.

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