Junkyard (Part 2)

Dealing with issues of the heart can be difficult and very exhausting to any human being. Some issues never seem to go away, and if some do, another issue quickly appears from no where. 

Let’s do some role playing with the woman with an issue of blood found in the Bible? Here are some issues she had to live with:

  1. The issue of blood financially drained her of everything that she had saved
  2. She was in pain for 12 long years and nothing she did made her feel better. 
  3. She was a social outcast because of her physical condition. 
  4. Because of her blood issue – She wasn’t kissed, touched, hugged, couldn’t do housework, couldn’t be a wife, and she couldn’t be a mommy
  5. She now had to deal with emotional and psychological baggage because of her issue 
  6. She was as good as being dead because she was confined to her home gazing at her walls

How many women can sympathize with this woman’s plight in today’s society? It may NOT be a blood issue … but we as women do have many issues.

An issue is any problem that people are thinking and talking about. 

Junkyard Issues: 

  • Rejection from family and loved ones
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Ongoing physical pain for years unending
  • Social anxiety 
  • Ostracized
  • Emotional and psychological baggage 
  • Depression 

But the story certainly did not end there for the woman with the issue of blood …..and it should not end there for any of us. 

Is it time to get out of the junkyard of issues? 

Take another glance at the list above with some of life’s issues we face. 

She heard Jesus was PASSING through her town and she decided that this may be her ONLY chance to experience a miracle as others that were in the crowd. 

So she pressed right into the crowd …. but only manages to TOUCH THE HEM of His garment. 

She was desperate to GET OUT of her junkyard…she touched the hem of Jesus garment. 

One touch of the hem of her Master Jesus made her feel a change in her body. She knew she was healed and Jesus knew someone touched him in the thickness of the crowd. 

So what’s your next move? 

  1. Are you desperate enough to get rid of your ongoing issues – dysfunctional relationships, abuse, sadness, regret, remorse? 
  2. Are you willing to move into the crowd and touch Jesus?
  3. Is Jesus your last resort or are you looking at other options?
  4. Have you heard about other people who believed and received their healing? 
  5. Is it your time?

We come closest to God at our lowest moments. It’s easier to hear clearly when you have nothing more to rely on …..EXCEPT GOD. It’s kinda of awful to get to that point, but when we do — God is right there. 

Out of the past into the new? It’s a CHOICE…

4 thoughts on “Junkyard (Part 2)

  1. Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand, but I know WHO holds tomorrow and I know HE holds my hand. Blessings for sharing these encouraging words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s nothing better than knowing your husband has your back. Thank you for being consistent in the midst of your very busy world. Love you much ♥️


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