From Junkyard to Building An Empire of Happiness (Part 3) 

Well, it’s FRIDAY!! And it has been a great experience over the last three days getting rid of junk in our trunk. 

It’s a new day with new beginnings. Don’t be afraid to start all over. Forget the past, you really can’t do anything about it anyway. It’s time to rebuild and enjoy your life. 

Moving from living with a junkyard mentality TO building an empire of happiness calls for COURAGE and COMMITMENT. 

It is NOT selfish to begin loving yourself. Ladies, it’s so natural for us to love EVERYONE, take care of EVERYONE, feed EVERYONE — that we neglect ourselves ….and we end up bitter, used and abused. 
Women are born nurturers and there’s always someone to take care of. Our work is never done until it is too late to really enjoy our lives. Taking care of ourselves and finding true happiness is a NECESSITY and not a luxury. 

Breaking News: It’s time we learn to ignore negativity, ANY form or hint of drama, haters, people’s negative opinions of us — and pursue PEACE and HAPPINESS in our lives. 

It’s time to get comfortable living in your beautiful empire (surroundings) filled with sounds of laughter, good tasting food, music and dancing. 

Create your world — don’t let the world create you. 

Your future looks too bright to allow your view to be constantly hindered by looking at what’s in the junkyard. Our lives will NEVER get better by chance. It’s called for a NEW mindset. 

You don’t have to FAKE a smile anymore. You are royalty in open display for all to see. Adjust your crown – it’s your time to shine. 

Those who walk with God always reach their destination. It’s a no hassle kinda of walk. He’s highly respected and well known all over the world …and He’s our friend. 

Refuse to live in misery, talking about your awful past, bad health topics …etc just to get attention. Live in freedom and let them wonder how you did it. 

Your laughter will come out of your belly, it’s an inside job. It’s time to laugh. Happiness cannot be purchased. It’s totally dependant on your thoughts. 

Have an amazing weekend and see you on Monday when life begins all over. 

5 thoughts on “From Junkyard to Building An Empire of Happiness (Part 3) 

  1. Blessings for your encouraging words. May you and your readers have a blessed weekend as well. To new beginnings!👍👏💞


  2. Have you ever heard “just what the doctor ordered”.
    Well I am greatful to be able to read your articles.
    They are easy to read. They challenge me. And I am thanking God for what a difference they will make in my life and for the many who would read and apply.
    You are indeed a Blessing.

    Liked by 1 person

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