You Will Not Be Disgraced 

The first thing you need to know in order to maintain your happiness is – you cannot change people. Period. Full stop. 

But you do have total control who stays in your circle. 

Some people can see all the faults in everyone else but they disguise their own by talking about others. 

I’ve learnt in life that there will always be SOME people who would never be happy with you and for you. 

So here’s a great reminder – 

“The Lord God helps me. So I will not be ashamed. I will be determined. I know I will not be disgraced.” Isaiah‬ ‭50:7‬ ‭ICB‬


Let your naysayers inspire and spur you on to higher territory.

Don’t let other people’s behaviour towards you -change who you are!! 

In Numbers 22 when the enemies HEARD how well the Israelites were doing ….they (enemies) BECAME terrified. They were afraid that the Israelites were going to outnumber them. 

So what plan did the enemies come up with? “Let’s ORDER a curse on them.” 

Okay now – let’s do some role playing here. After all — this is what we should do when we read God’s Word. When our enemies hear how good we’re doing – they usually become terrified. 

What would be their next move? Make a plot to put a curse (negative words etc), or two, or three on you. Yep! 

But the story in Numbers 22 did not end there. 

In verse 9:

God intercepts the plot and confronts the evil high priest:

God: “Who are these men that are staying with you?” 

Verse 11:

Evil High Priest: “He wants me to curse them for him, so that he can fight them and drive them out.”


  • Why worry about what others are hearing about you? 
  • Why worry about what others are saying about you? 
  • Why worry when you can pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He is not the God of the dead, but of the living. 

Numbers 22:12:

“God said to Balaam, 

“Do NOT go with these men, and do NOT put a curse on the people of Israel, because THEY HAVE MY BLESSING.” 

Question: Isn’t it so cool and non confrontational for us as believers of Jesus Christ not to personally invest in an ongoing war with our enemies? Stand still! 

Our God is always fighting for us. Pushing back our enemies. 

I firmly believe that God is fully aware of every word that is

  • spoken against us
  • behind our backs
  • in secret evil places 

so as for me ….I refuse to become distracted BY THE ECHOES of their voices.  I am on my way to finish strong. 

Watch how powerful our God is: 

Verse 22: “God was angry that Balaam was going, and as Balaam was riding along on his donkey, accompanied by his two servants, the angel of the LORD stood in the road to bar his way.”

Let’s read this again:

God STOOD in the way to BLOCK the enemies plot. 

Is it time to get excited? I AM!

The Bible says that the road the enemies were on – narrowed between the two vineyards and had a stone wall on each side. 

Who want to be distracted by the evil plots of our enemies when God CAN narrow the roads and put up a stone wall on each side? 

Numbers 23:8 is our VICTORY verse:

Balaam reporting back to those who sent him to curse God’s people:

“But God has NOT cursed them. So I CANNOT curse them. The Lord has NOT wished evil on them. So I CANNOT wish evil on them.”

Five (5) DAYS from today — make sure you can say that you are still going strong. You don’t need to be rude but you can always choose to be polite. 

Trust yourself to stand still. 

We have survived a great deal of stuff and we can survive whatever is coming this week, next week or in the times to come.


4 thoughts on “You Will Not Be Disgraced 

  1. A wonderful Saviour is JESUS my LORD, A wonderful Saviour to me… HE hideth my soul in the cleft of the Rock and covers me there with HIS hand.
    Blessings for the week ahead. Stay hidden in GOD. Love, Always,

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We just need to stand still and see the Salvation of our Redeemer.
    Thanks for sharing once again.
    Appreciate your thoughts for today.
    I will not be disgraced.God will indeed take charge of every situation that concerns me.
    Today is one year of Allan’s homegoing and My Heavenly Father remains Faithful.
    God Bless you June and may He continues to inspire you to share those precious gems. Always much food for thought.

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    1. God forever is our husband. It’s exciting to know God in that personal way. You can confidently make your boast in Him.

      Thank you for your words of encouragement. May we always find our joy in Christ alone. We will not be disgraced


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