Issues Of Life

We all experience changes in life. Sometimes life is exciting, and we feel on top of the world. Other times we just want to run away and hide in a cave.

We must understand that no one has a perfect life. If we do not understand that life is not going to be great all the time then we will end up most miserable.

Because we are short sighted and narrow minded – we find ourselves putting God in the same small box that we put ourselves in. We box and limit God….then complain that God doesn't answer prayer.

We are so guilty of being spoilt brats. We enjoy the good times and sulk and pout when faced with difficult relationships and life's issues. .

Wherever there are people — there will be problems.

There are times when things go well and there will be times when things get hostile. All we are required to do is to remain consistent when dealing with others.

Farmers keep on planting even if they lose a whole lot of crop because of inclement weather. Whether we are appreciated or not — keep on doing what is right. God is still at work in each and every one of us. It's important to keep an open mind and love others.

God is still at work in each and every one of us so we do not practice selective kindness. Show kindness even to those who don't show it. 

Every season has opportunities for us to grow and develop into a wiser and stronger  person.

Guard your heart. It's the water that gets into the boat that causes problems.


6 thoughts on “Issues Of Life

  1. Show kindness even to those who don’t show it.
    Love this statement. It is so true.
    Kindness can never be worn as a garment.
    Stay Blessed.

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