It’s A New Day

Just because …. Christians mess up — it doesn't mean that they are fake. There's absolutely nothing like a 'perfect' Christian. God took care of our failures long before we were born.

Our God doesn't keep score sheets of our wrongs. God forgives and covers us when we do wrong.

Before we were in a relationship with Jesus we let the world which doesn't know anything about living – tell us how to live. We did it all – whatever we wanted to do, how we wanted to do anything, when and whatever we felt like doing.

Now that we are in a relationship with Jesus – we are guaranteed by His Word that He is praying for us.

He is not praying that you and I be taken out of this world …. but that we may be kept safe from the evil that surrounds us.

No one can go around bragging that they are perfect or could do life on their own.

We haven't the faintest idea of how forgiveness works after we have wronged and rejected God. But, what we know is that everyday we have a NEW START to a NEW DAY walking each step with God.

There's absolutely nothing like a perfect Christian but we serve a perfect God who takes pride in forgiveness.

We do NOT think that God loves us because WE ARE GOOD, but we know because we LOVE GOD – God will MAKE US GOOD.

My personal reasons why I am in relationship with God/Jesus:

  1. I have experienced my wrongs made right
  2. I can go directly to God and have a personal talk with Him (it's called praying)
  3. I have experienced His healing in my negative thinking turning it into positive thoughts
  4. Every day I can open my eyes knowing that He has my best interest at heart. So I don't have to face uncertainty about my life
  5. Every night when I go into bed – I can say that I don't know what tomorrow will hold for me but I'm confident that my God holds all my tomorrows in the palm of His hands
  6. Every morning is a new day to make things better than the day before
  7. God/Jesus protects me from things I once taught was good for me and He blesses me more than I could have even imagined
  8. When I lose hope, He helps me to remember that His love is greater than my disappointments
  9. His plans for my life is better than my dreams
  10. I know I am not perfect but He loves me
  11. I thank God for accepting me as His child
  12. If I die today, my future is secured in Heaven

"The poorest person on earth is not one without money, but is the one without Jesus.

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