It’s Over!!

As I sat putting my thoughts together for my Friday blog, I reflected on how many people I have met over the years that simply enjoy rehearsing their problems to anyone who is willing to sit down and listen to them.

The reality is – they do not want help. They just enjoy throwing pity parties where they are the guest of honor.

So I came up with the above picture and caption with the hope it helps someone…anyone….to change how they manage situations they have little or no control over.

If you can't do anything about the 'something' then LET IT GO! Worrying doesn't change the outcome.

This right here is the toughest decision for anyone who spends sleepless nights thinking about their problems. Keep in mind – You have no control…so why continue with the destructive behavior?

If you hug your problems you WILL come out smelling like them. Then everyone who hugs you become part of your dysfunctional cycle of self abuse. Pretty soon bitterness and anger steps in and everything looks gloomy outside. The sun no longer exists in your world.

Don't become a prisoner to things that you have no control over. Bashing your mate or friend or an ex – only brings on resentment, and resentment poisons your heart – and the poison spills over on everyone who comes into contact with you.

Children whine and throws temper tantrum …but, grownups learn to let go and they gain inner strength while doing so.

If you hug your problems you will come out smelling like them.

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