I Will Have Whatever I Say …

If you look for someone without faults …. you will never find anyone including yourself. So give everyone and yourself a break from judgement. 

It’s so easy to feel (that little thing call pride) that we’re better than someone else or your family is perfect and other families are imperfect. We are all human and we all fall short in our own unique ways —-> God is The All Wise God indeed. 

I’m not perfect. I fell many times but I got back up and try again. It’s really hard to keep me down after a fall – and that makes the difference between where I was yesterday and where I am today. 

I FOUGHT HARD and LONG to be the person I am today. I refused to let go of God every time until He blessed me. I gave God my ashes of pain, hurt, regret, sadness and sorrow and He miraculously transformed them all into a well written story. 

How did I do it? 

  • I started ONE day to believe in myself
  • I accepted my limitations and then I stretched my imagination using it to propel me into my destiny 
  • I began listening to MY inner voice and NOT the random opinions of others
  • I made changes and stopped making excuses
  • I learnt to forgive QUICKLY and laugh more
  • I firmly believe that everything that has ever happened to me OR that will ever happen to me is part of God’s master plan for MY life – and  I’m good with that
  • I set boundaries realizing that it’s part of taking care of me. Boundaries are healthy, normal and very necessary to enjoying a great life 
  • I do not compare or compete with others
  • I carefully choose my thoughts because twenty four (24) hours go by so quickly and before long another day would have ended
  • I sat down and recovered my strength
  • I realized that JESUS my closest friend is ALWAYS the first on the scene 
  • He picked me and hasn’t dropped me once since I started this lengthy walk with Him
  • I don’t need to panic or to be afraid because He holds my entire world (all of my tomorrows, spouse, children, grandchildren, food, clothing and shelter) in the palm of His hands 
  • He has a firm grip on my life and is constantly holding me steady 
  • Those who work against me will end up empty handed
  • I give everything to God and go to sleep 

10 thoughts on “I Will Have Whatever I Say …

  1. Wow! Just loaded with wisdom. Thank you for sharing your secrets of success. JESUS is the answer. Blessings as you continue your journey. πŸ‘«πŸ’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I too felt the wow moment.
    You shared so powerfully. So simply. You are truly a reflection of God’s Goodness. Indeed I am once again challenged.
    His Strength can truly be made Perfect in our weekness.
    Stay Blessed.


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