A Letter to my Past

Today, I decided to reblog one of my best writing pieces that I wrote a few months ago maybe a year ago. 


Dear Past,

How did we ever meet? Why did I seek comfort in you? Honestly, I don’t know.    

Dear Past, it’s over! 

This letter is to remind you that since our last conversation ….we are no longer in a committed relationship. The last time we spoke I told you that it’s over and there will be no further communication between you and I. I’ve chosen to forget the former things and I will no longer be accepting any calls (day or night) from you. It’s OVER! 

I am doing a new thing. I am not afraid of you anymore. When I’m over my head God is there with me. When I am in rough waters, I will not go down. When I am between a rock and a hard place, it wouldn’t be a dead end.

I trust the next chapters in my life because I have a new author. The most attractive thing about me has nothing to do with my face and body that you have held in bondage. 

The most attractive thing about me is my heart and the way I treat others. Looks will fade away but my character and my relationship with God is what’s important to me.

The day I stopped loving you dear Past – was the day a light turned on in me and I stopped living in your shadows. I no longer had to chaste after people and things that didn’t add joy to my life.

I came out of my relationship with you – wounded and limping but it made me a warrior and a fighter – I found a way to move on and I got my fight back. 

Regardless of what happened between you and I – Heaven had a different view of my future. 

I’ve reflected on God’s Purpose for my life and I am enjoying my new journey in life. I no longer want to run away from myself  — I am actually enjoying spending quality time with myself. 

Finally, I hated every moment spent with you and I am never too old to dream again. Thank you for the lessons. I have decided to forgive myself and to take back the power that God has invested in me.


Amazing Grace



11 thoughts on “A Letter to my Past

  1. Amazing concept. Praise GOD for HIS precious promises for brighter tomorrows. Thankful for each new day, new opportunities to bask in GOD’S new mercies. Blessings, my dear sister ❤

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  2. Wow Wow Wow Wow Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂
    When I was reading this It was like the spot light is turning on my side .
    I feel like God has sent you for me 🙂 and You know already How much I like this blog , You write all my heart , May God be with You on your every step of your life Amen 🙂

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    1. Fatima, you are awesome. Our friendship has been blossoming into an amazing relationship over the last few weeks. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my writing. We both will go from strength to strength ♥️

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  3. Indeed this is rhe day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.
    My yesterdays have become my stepping stones. Thank you. You are now my foundation for my brand new day and for my even brighter tomorrow.
    My dear Sister, you have reminded me to keep focus on the Power that God has invested in me.
    You are a wonderful Blessing .
    Stay Blessed.

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