Happy Weekend!!

A good laugh, a cozy sofa, a fuzzy friend, a remote control, pjs, and a long sleep are the best rewards for your ambitious attempt in cracking the glass ceiling everyday from Monday to Friday. You did it! 

So reward yourself now:

  • Do what makes you happy 
  • One hug means 1000 words 
  • Pretend that you never heard your name called
  • Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle 
  • Life is all about BALANCE 

Girls are better in planning the weekends. 

    It’s all about BALANCE! 

    Pjs, blankets, fuzzy friends and broken clocks are great things to stock up on the weekends. 

    You can act like a kid – everyone else is sleeping anyways. 

    Weekends are the only time that you’re allowed to surrender. 

    See you Monday when we have to be adults again! 

    Thanks for your support, encouragement, prayers and feedback each and everyday. 

    I L♥️VE You! 


    8 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!!

      1. My beautiful friend/daughter – love you for always being kind to me. I appreciate your support and for sharing your thoughts. Let’s stay together. Love you 😘 enjoy your weekend playing or watching cricket. Excitement in the air 🏃🏾‍♀️

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    1. I really like the third bullet point at the start of the blog. I will try it. I hope I do not get in trouble.
      Enjoy your weekend and keep up the excellent work.

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