Empty Chatter 

I am at a place in life where peace is my priority….I’ve practiced silence if and when needed. If ever I’m faced with a situation that I cannot change – I choose not to get mad or even….but I put all my energy into things that will bring me complete satisfaction and happiness. I definitely use writing as one of my coping mechanisms. 

The older I get is the more I hate empty chatter, arguments, and drama. I also find life more enjoyable where there is no room for egos, or competition, and no people to impress. 

I’m at a good place in life where I simply enjoy an evening with good fun loving company, music and clean comedy.

You know there are some people who take pleasure in debates and confrontations – well guess what – I will avoid those kind of people like a plague. I hate arguments, debates and anything where pride goes on display. 

I do not fight over words. It does no good to the people who are listening. I do not debate or argue over religion, people’s choices, politics, or opinions. It’s fruitless and very unproductive of my limited time on earth. 

Empty chatter and foolish discussions can turn into wounds that are incurable…. leaving lifelong scars. Sometimes you try your best to choose your words carefully and because of some people’s mindset  – your words get twisted leading into an unfortunate situation.

It’s wisdom to avoid foolish and ignorant arguments because they only end up in disharmony and vexation of spirits. To speak without regrets is priceless and it’s something that I continue to cherish every day. 


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