Giving God The Eraser 

Gossip is talking about other people and their private lives. 

I must confess that as women it’s difficult to resist a good gossip. We use it as part of our bonding time… because as women we enjoy sharing with each other about others. 

We have gossiped about women who are bad mothers, women’s appearances, women who are horrible housekeepers, and women whose children are brats – to name a few topics. To be honest – we can gossip with our girlfriends and yet it doesn’t feel like it’s gossip. 

I thank God that age brings reason. It’s never how you start but how you finish. It’s important that our habits and behaviour allow CHANGE to take charge of our bonding time with our girlfriends, and any other relationships that makes it easy for us to slip right into gossiping mode.

I came across this helpful verse: 

“It is foolish to speak scornfully of others. 

If you are sensible, you will keep quiet. 

No one who gossips can be trusted with a secret, but you can put confidence in someone who is trustworthy.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭11:12-13‬ ‭GNB‬‬

When next we feel the urge to talk about other people and their private lives – let’s have the courage to speak directly with the person. 

Let’s build each other up instead of tearing each other down. 

It takes courage to have a heart to heart with someone who we see failing miserably at something …but incredible things can happen if we take the time to build her up instead of gossiping about her. 

Let’s press the pause button and start believing in each other. A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. Defend each other at all cost. Be a woman that other women can trust. 

The woman I am today makes me very excited of who I will be tomorrow. 

6 thoughts on “Giving God The Eraser 

  1. Thank you. I need to share this blog over and over again.
    We often forget that some things cones back to haunt us.
    Thank God that age brings reason – as you reminded us.
    Up to us to do the right thimg.
    Stay Blessed.

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