It’s Restoration Time

It’s easy to build walls to protect ourselves and the members of our family from danger and hurt.. But as life will sometimes have it …. our protective walls comes crashing down making us become vulnerable to the outside world.

When our trust is violated, it’s a traumatic experience. The experience leaves you with messed up emotions overloaded with anger, sadness, confusion, and bitterness. 

You can go from feeling violated to simply not knowing what to do. Shock and numbness takes control. 

But in times like these – we have a Saviour. I’m so grateful that we have an awesome God that always had a permanent plan in place long before anything like this could have happened to us. 

Our God can restore everything that the enemy has stolen from us. God promises that He will make us more prosperous and more numerous than even our former generations. 

God is a God of Restoration. 

• Joel 2:25-26 says, 

“I will GIVE YOU BACK what you lost.” 

NOW you WILL have plenty to eat, and be SATISFIED. 

You WILL praise the LORD your God, who has done wonderful things for you. 

My people will never be despised again.”

• ‭‭Proverbs 6:31 says, 

“But if he ( your enemy) is caught, he MUST PAY BACK SEVEN times what he stole. 

It may cost him EVERYTHING he owns.”

• ‭‭Jeremiah 30:17 

“I WILL bring back your health. And I WILL heal your injuries,” says the Lord. 

• Isaiah 61:7

“Instead of being ashamed, you WILL receive TWICE as much wealth. 

Instead of being disgraced, you WILL be happy because of what you receive. 

You WILL receive a double share of the land. So your happiness WILL continue forever.”

• ‭‭Joel 2:25-26

I WILL pay you back for those years of trouble. 

Then you WILL have plenty to eat. 

You WILL be full. 

You WILL praise the name of the Lord your God. 

He has done miracles for you. 

My people WILL never again be shamed.”

4 thoughts on “It’s Restoration Time

  1. June, this is for me. I claim restoration in the Name of Jesus!!! I finished reading today’s Daily Devotion from Rejoice Marriage Ministries – that Lord will give a promise or a Word. Thanks for the confirmation. I want you and Pastor to be present (if possible) when we give our testimony.

    June, Lord is using you to reach out to the hurting world. May God bless you, Pastor and family.


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    1. Hi Elizabeth, great update. Appreciate your feedback and encouragement. Praying that you will continue to see God’s mighty hand in and through your lives.
      You can use my email address if and when necessary. Blessings, June


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