Keeping A Cool Head Isn’t Easy … but…

Keeping a cool head is having the ability to stay calm in a difficult situation. Some people are great at keeping a cool head in a stressful situation… while others can become emotionally overwhelmed under pressure. To be honest – the latter is me. I’m still a work in progress. 

Keeping a cool head under pressure isn’t easy… but ….it’s attainable. Your thoughts can either make or destroy you when facing a difficult situation. 

The Bible says, Wisdom and Understanding add years to your life – so ABOVE everything go after Wisdom and Understanding.
Lack of Wisdom opens the door to:

  1. Resentment 
  2. Anger 
  3. Hurtful words 
  4. Unmasked body languages 
  5. Regret 
  6. Just about anything that can and will go wrong 

When a bunch of things go wrong at the same time – it’s hard to remain calm. 


  • Watch over your heart and what’s hidden in it….that’s where the real issues start

  • Avoid careless talk, lies, and gossip

  • Keep your eyes on the issues at hand and ignore all other distractions

  • Keep the goal in mind
  • Looking neither right nor left

  • Keep a cool head

  • Stay alert

  • The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch us running scared and in chaos 

  • Keep your guard up

  • Keep a firm grip on your faith

  • The suffering won’t last forever

  • It won’t be long before God will have you put together and back on your feet for good

  • God gets the last word in everybody’s life; yes, He does

6 thoughts on “Keeping A Cool Head Isn’t Easy … but…

  1. There is nothing to lose when we reach out and touch the lives of those who find themselves in our pathway. This makes me happy and keep me in perfect peace.
    Amazingly, the people in “Our Village” get the joy of serving us when our needs and difficulties turn up. Thanks for noticing I was missing. All is well. Was doing some stuff for myself.
    Stay Blessed.

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