His Covering Is My Safety Net

When I choose to sit quietly in the Presence of God:

  • I feel safe
  • My trust in Him increases 
  • He miraculously rescues me from hidden traps that were set for me
  • I’m shielded and protected from every form of evil
  • I feel perfectly safe 
  • I stand unphased by the plots of my enemies – and I have the security of watching things happening from afar
  • Evil doesn’t even get close to me

Remaining in God’s Presence is where I build my confidence. He keeps me and my family safe. He keeps my home safe. His watchful eyes run to and fro and all over the earth. 

Every animal uses their refuge in the hour of danger. Children run to their parents when they feel unsafe in their surroundings. Those of us who made God our dwelling place have learnt to run to God in the hour of uncertainty, fear and danger. 

Walls cannot keep out evil ….but God can. If God has never failed me – why should I suspect that He will now. No subtle plan of the evil one can succeed against me and my household while I have God’s eyes watching over me.

God sees to it that the most conniving person will NOT come near to me to trap me. Night and day there’s imminent danger all around me ….but when I remain in God’s Presence I’m not tormented. 

4 thoughts on “His Covering Is My Safety Net

  1. A thousand shall fall at thy side, ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. Hallelujah! HE that keepeth you will neither slumber, nor sleep. The LORD is thy keeper. Divine Protection is yours.


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