Many times when we feel stressed, it feels like our lives have suddenly been turned upside down making everything in our world appear as though it’s falling apart. EVERYTHING looks like one huge mess. 

The worst part of dealing with a stressful situation is trying to take CONTROL over the things we literally have no control over. It’s kinda of crazy to believe that we can control the unpleasant things that suddenly pops up in our lives. It’s a fact that we only become more stressed. 

I’ve been thinking:

  • It’s always great to KNOW WHO WE ARE UP AGAINST when bad things happen. The battles we face really has nothing to do with any human being. The real fight from since Adam and Eve days has and continues to be against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in HIGH places

It’s not your spouse, your children, your neighbor, your employees, your employer or any family members. It’s the devil’s strategy to keep every human being frustrated with life in any form or way that he chooses to place an attack.

  • We must put on our protective gears that we may be able to stand against the WILD TRICKS of the enemy
  • Our goal when fighting a battle is, to remain standing firm in faith
  • God has equipped us with a weapon made out of the most durable material call PRAY. Sounds quirky and corny but it works like nothing you have tried in your own strength 
  • Pray when you are walking
  • Pray when you are sitting
  • Pray when you are lying down
  • Stay prayed up 
  • Stand ready with TRUTH. Someone once said, “The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”
  • Be morally right and free from guilt. Live in a way if someone spoke badly about you — no one would believe them
  • Walk in Peace 
  • Trusting God pushes back doubts and fears when your mind is under pressure 
  • Protect your mind with giving gratitude to God for everything He’s bought you through before 
  • Fight off the attacks by quoting the Promises of God
  • Use positive thoughts as your shield against the darts of the enemy
  • Stay alert
  • Hang in there
  • Remember to pray for others who are fighting their own battles

Finally, we must be left standing in fixed and unmovable confidence in God. 

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