Marriage Is Like A House

On Friday October 12, 1973 my husband and I partner together and started building our house (marriage). We stood before our family and friends … took a solemn vow for better days and for worse days; if we would be rich or if we be poor; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish until death do us part. 

It wasn’t until years after that I fully understood every word that I had agreed to on Friday October 12, 1973. 

The reality of married life includes: major personal adjustments; the crazy world of raising children; mountains of bills every month; sudden sicknesses; major disagreements leading to heartbreaks etc …. these all are major tests of the foundation of a marriage. 

A marriage is like a house:

  • The foundation does more than hold a house together, it keeps out moisture, insulates against the cold, and resists movements around it. The foundation is meant to last forever 
  • Building materials can improve the value 
  • Fencing is important. It keeps intruders at bay and let others know the boundary lines
  • Maintenance is the process of keeping something in good condition 
  • Cherish the things that show it has aged over the generations 

The house ALWAYS needs maintenance. If we are not building up each other then the house will not withstand the pressure. 

Today, my husband and I have made it to a grand total of:

  • 44 years
  • 16,060 days
  • 385,440 hours
  • 23,126,400 minutes
  • 4 children
  • 6 grandchildren 
  • Sons-in-laws are our bonuses 

There’s nothing like Loyalty. Either you are…or…you are not. There’s no ifs or buts …

Our faith in God has carried us through hard times. 

I’m thankful for all the good and the bad; the tears and the laughter; the pain and the healing; the darkness and the light; the losses and the wins – they have definitely contributed to who I am today. 

I’m happy for where I am today. I’m grateful for where I will be tomorrow. I’m humbled for where I will be in the future. 

My tomorrows make my past look easy. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

16 thoughts on “Marriage Is Like A House

  1. Junie, congratulations on 44 years of GOD’S grace and faithfulness in keeping you both together. I rejoice over the many blessings on you both and your offspring. GOD is indeed a faithful GOD. I pray many blessings for many more happy years together in good health and love always.
    Blessings! 💕

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  2. Cingratulations to you and Eddie my dear.
    Wishing you guys a beautiful day with rhe very many blessing that He, Our Heavenly Father, has in store for you.
    Stay Blessed.

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  3. What a beautiful post. The analogy is bang on. God is good and has and will continue to be on our side.
    You are the personification of the virtuous woman in the bible. I am happy, blessed and privileged to be your husband.
    Love you and Happy Anniversary.

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  4. Dear June,

    Our congratulations to you and Pastor. May God grant you many more years. As you renew your vows in Israel may you and Pastor go deeper in love with Jesus and with each other.
    As you celebrate your wedding anniversary today, what a great privilege it is to renew your vows in Israel next week. I am so happy for God’s goodness in your life. We celebrate your happiness with joy in my heart. To God be the Glory !!!!

    I am trusting the Lord for our reconciliation.

    God bless

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    1. Dear Elizabeth, your beautiful words have added fresh life to my marriage. Praying for your reconciliation in your marriage….Nothing is too hard for God to do. He’s a Miracle working God 🙏🏾


  5. Thanks my dear June. I will be covering my KCM family in my prayers as they travel to Israel. I have been to Israel in 1999 it was awesome and glorious. Your lives will shine brighter with God’s glory because you honour our Lord and JESUS. Jesus is revealed in your lives, children and grandchildren.

    I thank God for allowing this crisis in my life. Lord has refined me, taught me to be humble and I need more patience. My husband is a very kind individual who looked after & educated his late wife’s children, grandchildren. How wicked of me to think because they were not his biological children, he should not have reached out to them. Lord has opened my heart to accept them with love. How much Lord loves me, saved my soul again and again.

    God bless


    1. May God grant to you His peace to accept the things you cannot change.

      The courage to change the things you can

      The wisdom to know the difference.

      Please use my email address if you need to share your thoughts.

      Praying for you 🙏🏾


  6. Awesome words,from an exceptional woman. Your writing continues to inspire and encourages me daily. To trust God firstly and understand nothing good comes easy,you’ve got to work for and at it,always. You did,and it worked for you. Thank God for using you in such a positive and powerful way. God bless.

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    1. Welcome Ruth. Your words have inspired me. I appreciate you taking the time to pen your thoughts. One of my favourite bible verses is found in Luke 22:31-32
      “”Simon, Simon! Satan has asked to sift you disciples like wheat. But I have prayed for you, Simon. I have prayed that your faith will not fail. When you have turned back, help your brothers to be strong.”
      Looking forward to hearing from you again 🙏🏾


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