Who do you call when troubles come your way? 

You stand a great chance of spreading gossip if you call your friends. You add stress to your parents lives if you call them. If you decide to call your boss – maybe you will find a great widening gap between you and your boss. 

Why is it so difficult to call Jesus when faced with a difficult situation? Because Satan loves company.

How to strategize your next attack:

Don’t be upset because of evil people. 

Don’t be jealous of those who do wrong.

Trust the Lord and do good. 

Live in the land and enjoy its safety. 

Enjoy serving the Lord. And He will give you what you want. 

Depend on the Lord. Trust him, and He will take care of you.

Wait and trust the Lord. 

Don’t be upset when others get rich or when someone else’s plans succeed. 

Don’t get angry. 

Don’t be upset; it only leads to trouble.

The Lord laughs at the wicked. He sees that their day is coming.

It’s better to have little and be right than to have much and be wrong. 

The power of the wicked will be broken. 

But the Lord supports those who do right. 

The Lord watches over the lives of the innocent. 

Their reward will last forever. 

They will not be ashamed when trouble comes. 

They will be full in times of hunger.

When a man’s steps follow the Lord, God is pleased with his ways. 

If he stumbles, he will not fall, because the Lord holds his hand. 

I was young, and now I am old. 

But I have never seen the Lord leave good people helpless. 

I have never seen their children begging for food.

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37 ICB‬‬

3 thoughts on “Call JESUS 

  1. Do you remember the song “Telephone to glory, Oh what joy divine……”
    Yes we waste so much precious time and get in so much trouble when we look for those around.
    And you know what – they only hear half the story.
    Thank God He knows all about our struggles and He will certainly guide us safely to the end…..
    Stay Blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

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