Do NOT Interrupt 

Do NOT interrupt God’s plan. If God brings you to it – He can most certainly bring you out of it. 

It’s Godly wisdom to resist the urge to act out of emotions. 


If God allows ‘it’ … He’s fully capable and reliable to bring whatever the ‘i

t’ is to a good end. Our ‘it’ is going to work in our favor. 
Refuse to fight back. Guard you mind. Guard your heart. Reduce the level of anxiety by keeping your mind stayed on God.

Don’t magnify your problem. Learn to rest in the knowledge whatever you maybe facing now … it is not the end of the road. 

There were many times before when God made a way for you when it looked like it was all over.  

No headline news… the secret is, to just stand still. 

Watch God turn things around and make you sit in high places of unmerited favor for His glory.

How terrible to make plans, but don’t ask God for help.

How many times we make agreements without asking the Holy Spirit for direction.

We go looking for human help, but don’t ask God for help. 

If we come back to God a

nd trust Him, He w

ill deliver us.

If we remain calm and trust God, He 

will make us strong.

In STILLNESS and Confidence God will be our pillar of strength.

God and God alone can do it all by Himself. No help from us. All by Himself. 

You will always know when you are making the right decision when there is no stress in your mind, your body and your life. 

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