Raising Trish

My second daughter Trish has turned out to be a pretty remarkable adult. From a very young child she demonstrated qualities that I admired in her from a very young child.

I’m NOT surprised of the wonderful woman of Godly character that she possesses.

Why did I choose to write a blog about her? The answer is simple, she has never forgotten the things I have taught her from those early years. She has kept them in her heart and has not strayed away from them. She has found wisdom and has gain understanding.

Trish has been married for 16 years to Rob and they are the proud parents of two fine young men – Isaiah (14) and Noah (12). Herself and her family all serve in different capacities at their church. Trish has a passionate heart and enjoys working with women. She’s a blogger and goes under the name “Delicately Dope”. 

She’s clever with words and uses her gifts and talents to help women and young adults to get across their personal bridges. She enjoys doing life with those in her church and her surroundings. 

Professionally – she has held leadership positions in Marketing Communications for over 17 years. Both Trish and her husband recently announced that they are moving forward in launching their communication firm. They do graphic and website design, social media strategies and branding consulting. 

To Trish my second born, don’t ever let wisdom out of your sight. As you go through life, you will always be safe and never fall. When you rest, your sleep will be sweet. You will have no reason to fear. You can trust the Lord to protect you. Do everything you can to help those who need your help. 

Be wise my child and make my heart glad, that I may answer anyone who reproaches me. 

9 thoughts on “Raising Trish

  1. Congratulations, Trish and Rob and blessings as you transition to this bold, new venture! May success be yours and may you both go from strength to strength. I wholeheartedly endorse every word written by your Mom about you.
    Blessings, Always

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