YOU Learn The Best Lessons In The Battlefield

Q. What is a battfield? 

A. A battlefield is a place or situation of strife or conflict. The piece of ground on which a battle is or was fought. 

I don’t know ANYONE who enjoys strife or conflicts … but we live in a world where  we are always fighting a battle. My best lessons in life were learnt during my battle experiences.  

I love days when EVERYTHING goes smoothly and feels great. I wish sunny days will last forever… but too much sun will produce droughts in our lives. We need the peaceful times and we need the battles. They go hand in hand like a horse and carriage. 

The days when things just didn’t turn out the way we had hoped it would …and the times where comfort avoided us like a plague ….those are actually the best teaching moments. IF we never had a battle – how would we know that God can fight for us AND WIN. 

A strong Christian is not someone who never experiences negative feelings. But, we must learn how to apply biblical principles to all our life’s issues.

When our energy is sapped from fighting battle after battle – it’s time to call a  refreshment time. Be honest with your feelings and get rest. Rest is the best non-medical prescription.

Pay attention to what you are telling yourself about yourself, what you are telling yourself about others, and about God. Make certain that those stories are actually true. 

Discouragement cannot win if we know and understand God’s purpose for our lives. Battles are part of God’s plans for our lives. Put things into perspective and allow God to minister to us. 

The truth is, life gets hard, people do disappoint us and sometimes we do not understand God or His ways. The Psalmist David said, he would have fainted UNLESS HE HAD BELIEVED he would see God in the land of the living.

The best way to fight off discouragement is by giving God thanks for all the other times He bought you OVER the obstacles and THROUGH the hurdles. 

Gratitude is a powerful tool for discouragement. Sing. Sing. Sing. The joy of the LORD IS MY STRENGTH. 

2 thoughts on “YOU Learn The Best Lessons In The Battlefield

  1. Junie, thank you for taking the time to invest daily jn sharing your thoughts. This is a truly encouraging and practical blog today. Blessings as you continue in this faithful ministry. 👭💝

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