Israel Tour 2017 Part 3 – Jericho 

Quick facts about Jericho:

  • Located in the Jordan valley – north of the Dead Sea
  • Jericho was captured from the Canannites by Joshua and was destroyed
  • The city was destroyed several times after that and one of those times was Herod the Great who rebuilt it

The name Jericho brings to my mind the Sunday School song which we sang as children while marching, making trumpets sounds and actions of walls falling down. It’s a wonderful story of Joshua and the children of Israelites preparing to cross over the Jordan River. First they had to conquer the nations which were greater and stronger than themselves. The city also had large walls which made it impossible for them to get over to the other side. 

Day 1-6  – The children of Israel marched around the city for six days returning back to the camp without any visible sign of the walls crumbling . 

On day#7 they got up at dawn and marched around the city seven times. This time the priests blew their trumpets and Joshua gave the command…. “Now shout. The Lord has given you the city!” 

When the priests blew the trumpet, the people shouted. The Bible says at the sound of the trumpets and the people’s shout, the walls fell. And everyone ran straight into the city. 

2017: Here’s my husband playing his trumpet as we join in a victory celebration with our group of 95 strong voices. We all had walls in our lives that needed to come down. 

Summary: Regardless of the walls that’s facing you, you can conquer it. The supernatural all powerful God is daily fighting our battles on our behalf. 

Keep on trusting regardless of how many times you may have had to start over again. 

Six days the Israelites marched and went back into their camp without any visible sign of the walls crumbling. But …it was the seventh (7th) time that the walls came tumbling down. 

What if they had gotten discouraged on the sixth day? They would have died on the wrong side of the wall. 

Walls are just mudbricks meant to discourage you. But with a Word from God and obedience in your heart – mudbricks can become stepping stones to get you over to the other side.

Finally, there will always be times when we will face enormous walls or obstacles that are impossible to break down or be removed by human hands. If we continue to trust God and stand firm in faith….Our God will give us the victory. 

There’s PEACE on the other side of wall. 

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    1. Defiently. 100%. Research first. Go with a group. Keep an open mind. I only chose to write on places that held MY interest bringing to life the less frequently highlighted sites. Will be worth your time though.

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