Change Starts With A Choice

Heads Up! There are 45 days left in 2017 or 6 weeks and 3 days before 2018 arrives. Today is Day 320

2017 is quickly making its way into the chapters of HISstory and HERstory. 

A new year is on the horizon. 2018 is within reach and it’s certainly not waiting on anyone’s approval. There’s NO IFS OR BUTS. 

For 2017 PROCRASTINATORS  – a sincere apology on behalf of 2017…. one of the most difficult things any human being would ever have to do in 2017 is, to let go of what you hoped would have happened.

If you had to write a chapter on your life in 2017, would it be an exciting one? Will it be filled with regrets? Will it be one of a blame game? Will it be one of great achievements? 

I am here pondering on what my 2017 looked like. Regrets, I’ve had a few …too few to mention. On a scale from one to ten, how would I rate 2017? Overall, I will give 2017 an eight (8). IF it was NOT for the Lord on my side, that number would have definitely been a lot lower. GOD STOOD WITH ME EACH AND EVERY DAY AND HE GAVE ME STRENGTH. Most definitely!

I am really perplexed on how people REPEATEDLY ATTEMPT to live WITHOUT GOD. 

It’s a sad reality that as the year is coming to an end, more and more people are expressing FRUSTRATION; ANXIETY; HOPELESSNESS; a LACK OF ZEAL; REMORSE for either stuff they didn’t accomplish, or FAILURES they have had, or to some … they just didn’t have the COURAGE to step out and go after that thing that has been evading them.

As the year comes to a close, discontentment with one’s life is at an all time high. People are simply giving up on Life. It’s disheartening to hear stories of people who are openly confessing, “I can’t go on anymore.”  

Introducing some broken people to JESUS – you either get a blank stare or “I know” response. (I really don’t know how to interpret body language or those two words) …

In life, if one doesn’t have directions… he/she will never know when they have arrived at their target point. 

My motto in life is, “Where God leads, I will follow.” When you live in harmony with God, you will always know where you are heading. Friends know what each other approves of. You know God’s Will and you understand your calling. There’s NO ROOM FOR COMPROMISING. No Shame there at all. 

My life is far from being boring. I enjoy a good laugh; vacations; food; great entertainment, and all the other fun loving stuff. I live a very normal life like everyone else, but …. I do it all with Jesus as my co-pilot. I find no fault in Him.

We all get the same start in Life: a beating heart, a brain, eyes, mouth, ears, hands and feet (I consider these the most important gateways to our choices in Life). The outstanding difference in our perspectives in life comes from our CHOICES. CHANGE STARTS WITH A CHOICE. 

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