Full Plate! Empty Plate! 

Work your garden – you will end up with plenty of food; play and party – you will end up with an empty plate.” Proverbs 28:19 MSG 

There are days when the struggle to write is real. 

It’s not about having the time …. the real struggle is MAKING the time to write. 

My day is filled with constant movements that usually comes to a halt approximately two hours before the day is over (24 hour day). 

The truth is, I enjoy writing… but I’m not sure if I am one of many or few writers who write their blogs ‘LIVE’ ( current) every night. Writing at the end of the day can be a struggle as your BRAIN is just too tired to think anymore. Yet, I must write despite how exhausted I may be. Writing in the stillness of the late night is actually the MOST productive personal time of my day. 

So what’s my motivation? YOU MY READERS and I THANK YOU! 

As another year is coming to a close, I very often reflect on my life’s journey. I wonder how close I am to my God ordained destiny.  

As a child, my dream was to be a Missionary … like really? Yep! I was made in the 1950s…smile. 

A Missionary is one who goes out into the world and teach what God has commanded us to do. They tell others about the love of Christ. 

Today, technology has made it a lot easier as I can now use my computer at home to reach the world as I may never be able to physically go into ALL the world. 

It’s been suggested to me on many occasions that I convert my writings into books… but my writings are designed for a different purpose and audience. 

My life experiences have taught me that I CAN TRUST GOD. When I see things work out in amazing ways, I learn to fully trust and depend on God. 

It’s now a little over two years since I began blogging. I give God all the glory for allowing me to reach people in NINETY ONE ( 91 ) countries. Some countries I have never heard about and some countries the Word of God is prohibited.

One thing is certain – I go to sleep satisfied (many times in the wee hours of the following day just before daybreak)

Work your garden – you will end up with plenty of food.

Play and party – you will end up with an empty plate.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy. Sacrifice is a fool’s playground. They that toil and labor while others sleep, will reach their destiny before day breaks. 

4 thoughts on “Full Plate! Empty Plate! 

  1. Celebrating you, your achievements – attained through discipline and personal cost. May you go from strength to strength in HIS Grace and power. Blessings, Always 👭 💝

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