Look Into The Eyes of Others

Our eyes can be used to see what is good or evil, what is helpful or harmful in others. So many times we quickly pass judgement on good people, hurting people, rich people, poor people, sick people, etc without knowing the crisis they may be facing.

Someone once said that our eyes speak louder than our voice. Our eyes reveal exactly what we are feeling on the inside.

We live in a society where having a real heart to heart conversation with others is now almost impossible. We unconsciously hurriedly go pass hurting people within our own family, our places of employment, etc… as we juggle our personal agendas in between our deadlines. 

I’ve lived a few years here on earth, and I’ve come to the conclusion after observing hardworking folks that life is really a fast race to the grave. Don’t act surprised yet….

We work hard, but spend little or no time to enjoy life. Sleep is overrated to those who are competeting to get to the top of the ladder. Our kids go to the best schools, have every thing that money can buy… but they don’t have their parents’ love and attention. Our homes have the best kept lawns in our neighborhood, but we spend little time enjoying it. Like King Solomon said  – it’s all Vaniety. 

  • Is it possible for us to get past our greed for more money, more houses and more land?
  • Can we get past our selfishness?
  • Can we pause and look into the eyes of someone we love and see if they are okay?
  • What if we pass on a random act of kindness to a stranger?
  • Is there a chance we can begin seeing the good in others instead of fighting over some petty indifferences?
  • If we have the power to make someone happy – will we do it today? 

Mathew 5:16 says,
“In the same way, you should be a light for other people. Live so that they will SEE the good things you do. Live so that they will praise your Father in Heaven”. 


8 thoughts on “Look Into The Eyes of Others

  1. It’s tough. But we are not our own. We have been bought with a price. A fact that we conveniently seem to forget. Thanks for stirring up the best in us.
    Stay Blessed.

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