Cheerleaders Have Fun

Once a blogger…always a blogger. It’s a challenge to put the pen down even while I’m on vacation. The good news is, I don’t feel pressured to meet any deadlines. 

Random blog: Words hurt. Words can also give us life. NEGATIVE words spoken to us, or about us, or about someone we love …. hurts. 

One offense can destroy someone’s future. 

The truth is … offense will come to us as long as we are alive.

I’ve offended others… and others have offended me.

Daily I’m learning how to become a cheerleader. The secret to becoming a cheerleader is that you see more good in others than things to despise or hate. 

Your life becomes more fun than those who look for things to judge you on. Every person earns the right to be celebrated. There’s something good in everyone. God doesn’t make junk. 

When we celebrate others … we kill competition. 

2017 doors are about to be closed PERMANENTLY. 

If God gives us life and we live to see 2018 …. It may a good New Year’s resolution to become an exuberant  cheerleader for others. 

When we celebrate others, we kill competition.

Fun Fact: I HAVE taken a month off from writing … but the month HASN’T released me. I’ve written everyday, but I’ve chosen to post this one. 

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