Oh It’s CHRISTmas!

Oh it’s CHRISTmas!!! 
Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you know fully well that something exciting is happening outside. Everyone is panicking and frantically trying to find that PERFECT gift for their loved ones. The stores are sold out of every hot merchandise. 

There are major fights happening in the malls parking lots as folks rush in and out to pick up that special last minute gift. The snow just got started and everything outside looks stunningly white. 

Allow me to reflect for a moment: Does Christmas come from a store? Is Christmas found under the tree in our beautifully  decorated home? Is Christmas hidden in our meticulously wrapped gifts?

It must be a very sad feeling to be repeatedly ignored on your birthday. Yet year after year around CHRISTmas time we exchange expensive gifts with each other without a thought of the person who’s birthday we are celebrating. 

Another misfortune that takes place around CHRISTmas time is, family members who have held on to unresolved issues… but for one day (CHRISTmas), they reluctantly put them aside only to pick it back up on the following day? 

Or what about that childless adult who hates this time of the year? Or what about the orphan who never understood the excitement of the greatest time of the year?

Or what about that person who never heard the true story of CHRISTmas?

Let me TRY to bring about a little clarity of the true meaning of CHRISTmas keeping it very simple. 

For God so loved the world, that He gave you and I His only beloved Son as a FULL PAYMENT for ALL the bad and shameful stuff you and I would ever do. IF you and I believe in Jesus …and that He can miraculously turn all our mess into messages…then CHRISTmas takes on a whole new meaning. 

The beautiful thing is, Jesus is THE GIFT that keeps on giving. We will never walk through life’s issues alone.

CHRISTmas is our gift from God reminding us that all our scars can turn into stars. Our mess can become beautiful messages. Shame and regrets don’t have to follow us for the rest of our lives.

CHRISTmas has nothing to do with the stores and the hustle and bustle of gift giving. IT IS ABOUT THAT ONE GIFT FROM GOD meticulously wrapped IN THE FORM OF HIS ONLY BELOVED SON.

So whether you are alone, or grew up without parents, or have a long standing rift with a family member, or you had no idea what’s the big fuss about CHRISTmas is all about….well, I have news for you….CHRISTmas is about JESUS coming down to earth as a baby to become our SAVIOUR. 

A saviour is one who saves someone or something from danger. A Rescuer. A Deliverer. A Champion. That’s WHO Jesus is, and that’s what Christmas is all about. 

Wise Men Still Seek Him! JESUS is still the STAR OF BETHLEHEM. 

Stay happy this CHRISTmas. It’s not the things we do…but who we have walking hand in hand with us every day after CHRISTmas.

Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours, from my home to yours. 

4 thoughts on “Oh It’s CHRISTmas!

  1. Refreshing reminder of the real reason for CHRISTmas. Blessings from our home to yours and to your dear readers. Merry CHRISTmas!


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