Game Changer 

Happy New Year to my reading audience. 

2017 is now filed away into the cabinets under His and Her story. 

The merciful God has graciously agreed to loan us another opportunity at this thing call life. 2018 has great opportunities for us to write new chapters every day for the next 365 days. 

Most of us will begin 2018 with great goals … but regrettably not everyone will finish strong. We all have the same 24 hours in each day, some hours will be productive and some will be wasted. 

The secret to achieving our goals is hidden in two words…self discipline. Self discipline will make us get things done even if we don’t want to do it.

Whatever we tell ourselves every day will either drive us to meet our goals or discourage us from achieving them. 

If we want to get to a new destination in 2018…we must decide now to give up everything that weighed us down in the past. The key is learning to soar in all conditions…not just the comfortable ones.

Some folks quit and lose heart when the seasons change….but many  continued on despite the increasing fears and uncertainties. They are all chapters in life.

Turning pain into power requires resiliency. Whiners never elevate to higher grounds. 

Don’t believe for one moment that I have it all together. My struggles were …and… are real. My challenges can be debilitating at times. My fears and doubts many times blocks my own views …but once I keep on pushing through the thick fog of unforseen circumstances ….my landing platform looks so much closer.

Everyday I wake up I decide then and there -that I’m far stronger than what my fears and doubts want me to believe. 

2017 is gone…2018 is here. 

If you are 30 years old – you have checked in 10,950 DAYS here on planet earth. If you are 45 years old – you WOKE UP 16,425 mornings. And if you are in the 60’s age range as I am …then we have SPENT an average of  22,995 DAYS here on earth.

The clock is ticking even if we oblivious of it. Life is speeding past. Don’t lose one more day in 2018 by looking back at 2017.

2018 has 365 days. Each day has 24 hours. By the last day of 2018 we would have accumulated a whooping 8,760 hours. 

What we decide to do with the days, and the hours are totally up to each of us. Life is precious, so make the most out of it. 

Welcome to the year 2018!! Make each day a memorable one. 

6 thoughts on “Game Changer 

  1. Happy New Year, Junie, to you and your dear readers. This blog was definitely worth waiting for. Thank you for the precious words of wisdom contained in this blog. I pray daily blessings of grace, strength and wisdom as you freely share what you receive.
    Welcome back from a well-deserved rest. 👭💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy New Year my sister. Your love and support encourages me each and every day. Thanks for holding my hands once again and encouraging me. Love you my sister and my friend.


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