Facing A Crisis?

How do people do life WITHOUT GOD is a question that has baffled me for years.

In life things will get rough. If anyone finds themselves doing life on an easy road….you are most likely going the wrong way because no one escapes difficulties. 

Who do you run to when your world is caving in? What are your options when fear and worry steps in? What’s your next step after hearing the worst news of your life?

  • Some people turn to alcohol for relief….easy way to form a negative and regrettable addiction.
  • Some try to find comfort in others…which is usually short-lived. 

In the midst of a crisis? Let it be short lived by TURNING IT OVER TO GOD. 

  1. Our prayers bring us right into the presence of a merciful God. 
  2. Immediately we are having a personal audience with ‘The One’ who CONTROLS EVERYTHING. 

What if I told you that turning to GOD is the most difficult choice for some folks to make when facing a crisis. 

People will turn to friends, family and even psychologists before first taking it to GOD. 

Why is it so difficult to talk to GOD about things that troubles our hearts? 

When you up against a struggle….God can deliver you. When we pray…He sticks by our side and fights on our behalf. He makes our lives complete when we place all the pieces before Him. 

When we get our act together with God and OBEY His Word…He gives us a fresh start. 

He is an excellent author. He starts and closes off each chapter capturing the attention of the reader. He turns our mess into very POWERFUL messages. He rewrites our stories when we open up our hearts to Him. 

Every direction that God gives has been road tested.

Everyone who runs to God….makes it! 

God shows us how to fight. He sets things right for us, and He SHUTS up our enemies.

That’s why I’m thanking God all over the world. 

8 thoughts on “Facing A Crisis?

  1. Thank GOD for HIS great faithfulness. HE knows the way that we take. It still is so sweet to trust in JESUS!
    Thank you for this reminder, Junie. Blessings for your faithfulness in sowing daily seeds. GOD gives the harvest.

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  2. Almighty God is truly awesome. It is so very important that we go to him first. He gives perspective and guidance and it is comforting to know that whatever we face and will face, he has our best interests, always. May we Trust and Obey his word!
    Thank you for being an inspiration and a conduit of his blessings. Keep writing for his glory.

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