The Danger of Comparison 

One of the biggest battles we live with is …. fighting off the ‘spirit of comparison’.

When we find ourselves constantly trying to match up with others…. it stunts our own growth. Comparison kills our joy and murders our personal dreams.

Comparisons can either make us feel better than the person we are comparing ourselves to… or… they can make us feel worse than the person we are comparing ourselves to.

Either one is deadly….one leads to pride and the other one leads to low self esteem.

Satan loves when we focus on what we do not have …or … what God has not done for us.

Contentment OPENS the right door for greater things to happen…and beautiful people to walk into our lives.

Learning to be happy when you have enough to eat … and when you do not have enough to eat is contentment.

Learn to be happy when you have all that you need … and when you do not have the things you need.

My greatest human example of a contented soul was my own mother.

My Mom displayed such peace and contentment whether we had much or whether we had little. As a child I was never aware of needs in the home….but I found out there were numerous lacks in the home – none of which I was ever made aware of.

Why? Because my Mom didn’t make the needs in the home a crisis. She simply trusted God in everything…and for everything….#contentment101.

Her confidence was in GOD and GOD alone. And….IT WORKED!

I applaud my Mom for my unwavering faith.

To be content does not mean that you don’t desire more…but comparison would definitely kill your joy and stunt your growth.

The recipe to overcoming the spirit of comparison is to be content with your portion in life. Remember, every one is fighting a battle so don’t expect others to be your source of happiness.

So far, you have survived 100% of your WORST days…and yes, there will be more survival skills needed to get to your destiny. Stay strong. Stay contented.

Whatever you are facing today – This too will pass!

9 thoughts on “The Danger of Comparison 

  1. Godliness with contentment is great gain. You are right … we saw that lived experience in the person of our Godly mother. LORD, help us this and every day to live more nearly as we pray.
    Thank you for the daily practical lessons.

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