Was There Ever A Time I Didn’t Trust God?

My answer to this question is a loud ‘YES’ … so many times.

Why is it so difficult to trust God?

  1. We are prone to worrying. 
  2. We are afraid that things will fall apart if left unattended.
  3. We take pride in ourselves when we believe that we are in complete control.
  4. Fear of letting go.
  5. If there’s a trust issue with others…it will spill over to  our relationship with God. 

God knows we will face troubles on every side…we have a choice to either complain or trust God.

Don’t allow your trust issues with others to hinder your relationship with God. God promises us that He will NEVER leave us not forsake us. He’s in for the long haul.

When our back is against a wall and it appears that things are falling apart…it’s a great time to put our trust in the One who holds our tomorrows. 

We need God. We cannot do life without God. 

Because we live in an imperfect world, we will always have to deal with good and bad. God is aware of everything and He has the ability to take what was intended for evil and turn it into good.

God’s peace in difficult situations evades us when we think we have it all in control. 

One day we will have to let go of everything – friendships, money in the bank, careers, homes, and status. WE ARE ALL VULNERABLE. 

In a quick stroke of the clock our lives can  change forever.

To think we can control  everything that comes our way is a myth. 

But…we can TRUST GOD! 

If we hold on to our lives just as it is…..it will destroy us. But if we choose to let go and give it all to Jesus … then we can experience peace in the midst of a storm. 

Jesus longs for us to get to know Him personally and experience His incredible strength in life’s difficult circumstances. 

8 thoughts on “Was There Ever A Time I Didn’t Trust God?

  1. Very good one, just last night i ask myself, why not trust in God. Spme times in life ppl are more preoccupied in the world around them and realize that God is just by they side….. Thanks auntie for great inspiration. Your blog rocks….

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    1. Maritza, thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your sincerity. The only person who keeps us back from talking to God is Satan. His goal is to keep us unhappy and depressed.
      It’s a great decision to take everything to God . He never leaves our side not for one second.
      Your dear grandma would be so proud of you. Love you Sweetheart and stay close to God.


  2. JESUS, JESUS, how I trust HIM! How I’ve proved HIM o’er and o’er. JESUS, JESUS, precious JESUS, O for grace to trust HIM more.
    I’m so glad I learned to trust HIM, Precious JESUS, Saviour, Friend.

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