Don’t Let Go!

Then the man said, “Let me go, for the dawn is breaking!” 

But Jacob said, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”
Genesis 32:26 NLT

When your life has been shattered by a curve ball:

  1. Learn to rest without giving up
  2. Cry without feeling like a victim
  3. Be angry and sin not
  4. Question God without doubting His Word

    A Non-negotiable clause:

    NOTHING…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will separate us from God’s love. 

    Here’s a Personal Story:

    February 2017 my family and I were thrown a ‘curve ball’ when someone stole ONE of our prized possessions. It left us feeling very vulnerable and completely devasted

    The grief was insurmountable.

    Sadly, it was someone we trusted, coached and helped in every possible way. It was a heartbreaking experience that left us shattered into a million pieces.  

    It had the potential to destroy my faith in God as I felt God could have somehow circumvented it. 

    Everyone grieves differently. As a believer, I turned to God’s word to find comfort and strength while I grieved. My flesh and my heart failed, but God was the strength of my heart.

    I thank God that my FAITH in Him was NEVER once under attack. I was determined that my faith in God was not going to be swayed by my great loss.

    • I cried
    • I had my fears
    • I was angry 
    • Sometimes I had doubts that it would have a happy ending with the return of our prized possession
    • I was distraught 

     BUT…I NEVER doubted that God would fight this battle for my family and I. I didn’t know HOW…but I knew God WOULD come through. 

    My tears some days were my meat. My heart repeatedly ached. 

    Still during that difficult period …the Lord stood with us and got us through day after day during this time of grief

    I faithfully kept on writing my daily blogs and many people worldwide began reading them. 

    *****After seven (7) long months of waiting and trusting God….we got a phone call in early September 2017 …God did it! 

    Our prized possession was not only returned…but it was returned in perfect condition. To be honest – we received ‘DOUBLE’ for our trouble. 

    God didn’t need our help… nor did He tell us how… and …when He was going to do it. 

    Like JACOB in my scripture verse in my opening sentence, I was NOT LETTING GO OF GOD UNTIL HE blessed me. 

    Today, I can TESTify that MY God is a prayer answering God. HE’S AN ON TIME GOD…YES, HE IS! 

    I may not know when…nor… how…but I know God is a miracle worker…and a promise keeper.

    Our faith in God MUST BE UNWAVERING. God responds to faith … not doubt.

    7 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go!

    1. Praise GOD! Praise GOD! Praise GOD! I rejoice with you, dearly beloved. It is so sweet to trust in JESUS, just to take HIM at HIS Word. HE always comes through. 👭💝

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