Guard Against Vain Imaginations

The definition for vain is baseless or worthless. 
The definition for imagination is forming mental images that are not actually present. 

Vain imaginations is when we allow uncontrolled (baseless or worthless) thoughts to overpower our rational thinking. 

Our mind is an active battleground for our enemy. If he gets us (Christian or Non Christian) to believe and to act on every vain imagination …he wins and we lose.  

Stress and anxiety are the breeding ground for vain imaginations. 

The things we feel to be true is not always true. These vain imaginations can make lies, evil thoughts, and wrong desires become a reality. 

God loves us so very much that He gave us a list of questions to ask ourselves about our thoughts.

Here’s the list:

Is it…

  1. True 
  2. Honest
  3. Reputable 
  4. Pure
  5. Lovely 
  6. Good report 
  7. The best not the worst
  8. Beautiful not ugly
  9. Things to be thankful about, not to curse

Whatever we put into our minds is exactly what we will get out. 

    Thinking negatively affect our moods, our actions, and our health. 

    When I am aware that there are negative activities in my mind, and the battle is becoming fierce, and I’m  becoming moody, and my actions are not what they should be:

    • I do a checkup on my thoughts
    • Have a little talk with Jesus…tell Him about my troubles
    • He hears my faintest cry
    • And away I go to pump up my music …and do something that’s fun. 

    I choose to take back control over my thoughts….understanding fully well my happiness is totally dependant on my thoughts. 

      Two thoughts cannot occupy our minds at the same time. So we must choose whether our thoughts will be constructive or destructive. 

        4 thoughts on “Guard Against Vain Imaginations

        1. Great advice!!! Very helpful words of wisdom! Half the battle is lost or won in our minds. Thanks for the very rimely pep talk!
          May you be blessed as you continue to be a blessing!

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