Stop Trying To Fit In 😲

Here’s my 19 month old granddaughter who is trying to fit a large ball into a smaller bowl. Frustrated that the ball will not fit, she brings it to me with the hope I can help her attain her goal. After a few seconds of reasoning it with her….she ran away playing with the ball leaving the bowl behind with me.

How many times do we try to fit into other people’s views and opinions of us? 

Let’s get real now ….. it just wouldn’t work, and you will never be happy. 

There comes a time when we must stop frustrating ourselves about other people’s opinions … and choose to walk away adjusting our crowns. 

So they didn’t like you or vote for you? No problem. Some people come into our lives for different seasons. Move on….GOD orchestrated it that way.  

Warning: We will never be happy if we want to be loved by the difficult people in our livesDon’t downsize your dream to keep friendships with those who don’t respect who you are  now.


We were each born with a written out detailed plan by God Himself before we arrived on planet earth. 

God carefully crafted and attached a personal plan for each of us. Our orginal birth certificate was stamped by God, and I’m sure it said, ‘APPROVED’. God is NOT into the cloning or duplication business. 

I can recall so many harsh and negative comments that were spoken to me, and about me over the years. I’ve survived many personal attacks. To be honest, I don’t know how I made it across those bridges….but to say….’But God.’ 

Strength comes from those things we once taught we couldn’t do. 


Whatever drives you to your destiny….do it well. Finish every day feeling a sense of accomplishment on a job well done. 

Your goal should always be, to get closer to the finished line….whether others applaud you or not.YOU WERE FIRST APPROVED BY GOD!

Travel light. Leave all excess baggages behind. Leave regret, jealousy, hatred, sadness, pain, and fear behind. 

Who hurt you that you started to hate yourself? 

Whatever intersection you may be at…don’t allow the difficult people in your life to be the reason why you hate yourself or quit.

Time to get a plan, put in the work, and fight for your destiny. Stop crying about what’s going wrong in your life. Don’t hate the experiences you have had in life….It’s working in your favor. 


Our goal:



8 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Fit In 😲

  1. Chock full of wisdom!!! … but GOD …
    Don’t downsize your dream!
    So many words of encouragement and inspiration.

    Continued blessings, my dear sister ❤

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  2. Love the object lesson. The moment captured is a million dollar piece. Deserves to be framed with a simple caption. Lesson for life.
    Appreciate this lesson. So timely.
    Would help me to make wise decisions.
    Stay Blessed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Esther, you are truly an amazing human being. Your comments always leave me encouraged. Thank you for believing in me. Love you and I will do a print of this pic. You are AWESOME ♥️


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