May WE Be Singing When The Evening Come

The life of a celebrity is not a life that anyone should envy, yet most young ladies…and some not so young … dream about it every day. They spend countless hours fantasizing about their own lives with the hope that one day they too will become rich and famous. 

A celebrity life is not as fabulous  as some of us would like to believe. Fame is costly … and… Money has never made anyone eternally happy. 

Celebrities have more problems than us common ordinary folks who live in our 3 or 4 bedrooms home. They are unable to enjoy true freedom as their lives are always under a microscope. They make rash decisions at times, only to deal with the consequences later on. 

I’m always moved to tears when I read or hear about celebrities who commit suicide, or who are battling with drug addiction or depression.

The deaths of Michael Jackson and Witney Houston messed me up for months? I still remember where I was and what I was doing when the news broke. I continue to ask myself, ‘Why? Why’? 

To further add to my sorrow was the untimely death of  Bobbi Kristina Brown who had passed away at the age of  22. Why? They had it ALL…yet, their lives were still empty. Bobbi Kristina’s death left me with a pain too deep to put into words. 

Then we have models like Sophie Anderson who spoke out about her addiction to cocaine with her losing her home, her friends, and worst of all her dignity.

It’s a serious subject to think about. 

Most celebrities are a mess when it comes to morals. To think that some people would be willing to go some crazy ‘distance’ to become a celebrity is so unreal. 

Let’s Talk – The above mentioned names realized that their fame and riches NEVER gave them the happiness they sought after. Their glamorous life really wasn’t as glamorous as we perceived it to be.

When I look around and observe young women thriving for fame … it crushes my heart into zillion of pieces. The vulgarity and their actions oftentimes leave me speechless. 

What we the onlookers do not see, is the emptiness and void that overcome them when they fall on their beds at nights. The wee hours of the morning takes on its own life. There must be a void that makes them a mess.

Fame, Money, Camera, and Lights are old tricks of Satan to destroy one more life. 

How unfortunate it will be to see another person die after they have become famous and reach the pinnacle of their career. 

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t It? 

Famous people attract stalkers that can turn into threats and even death. Fake friends are hard to detect when you become famous. 


  • Slow down
  • Re-think your dreams, and your goals
  • Think about your children
  • Think about your future

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? 

Don’t be fooled, after the red carpet ….everyone must go to bed….but not everyone who is in bed sleep and wake up the next day.

Make sure …. WE ALL are singing when the evening come.

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