Do NOT Be Surprised

“Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery odeal that has come on you, as though something.strange were happening to you.” 

1 Peter 4:12 NIV

Life is full of surprises. We have good surprises that bring us great joy, and surprises that take the wind out of our sails

Life can be unpredictable. You never know what can happen next. We are all a work in progress and none of us is a finished product, so good and bad stuff will continue to take us all by surprise. 

Sometimes we think we know what’s best for us until life tells us otherwise.

Sometimes after going through one bad situation after another, we may look at the events and say, “Oh well, things happen.”  Some stuff that happens to us cannot be  predicted or avoided. 

As Christians, we know that God doesn’t ’cause’ bad things to happen to us, but He allows it. We know that God always has purpose for everything in our life. We are citizens of an imperfect world. But, Apostle Peter warns us not to be surprised or think it strange when bad stuff happens. 

Have you ever wonder how people who don’t know God or don’t read their Bible for encouragement make it in life?

Apostle Peter also knows that some Christians will not expect to suffer and will be surprised when it comes. 

There’s no shame in suffering because our God is faithful and all the unexpected events in our life will work out in our favor for God’s honor and glory. People everywhere will see and hear of all that God has done. 

Relax, God’s got us! We are trusting a God whose character is unquestionable. His faithfulness is NEW every morning. His timing is impeccable. 

When unexpected stuff happens…we must choose whether to trust God or react in surprise. 

The world says, “Life happens”…I’ve tried to make this phrase a little more sophiscated by using the word “Life” (wink eye).

But we as faithful followers of Jesus Christ says, “FOR WE KNOW THAT ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD.”


4 thoughts on “Do NOT Be Surprised

  1. We know in WHOM we have believed and we are persuaded that HE is able to keep what we have committed to HIM. Yes, HE is faithful! Yes, HE is able!

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