Prison is No Place For Humans

Prison is no place for Humans.

The definition for prison is a building in which:

  • People are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed


  • A place where people who are accused of a crime are kept before their trial.

Isn’t it horrible to think how many of us who are not confined, or imprisoned, or waiting on a trial …. still walk around mentally and emotionally in chains waiting for either an imaginary trial or waiting to be punished.

Some of us are held emotionally captive to our past mistakes, or wrongs done to us. While a greater number of us are physically and mentally being held hostage by people’s opinions of us.

We are being held illegally with:

  • Fear. Fear is crippling. Fear is torment
  • Sadness. Sadness is how we choose to respond when things go wrong
  • Depression. Depression is when you wake up in the morning and go right back into bed
  • Anger. Anger is when we hold on to an unbearable pain and cuddle up with the heat of the moment
  • Death. Some people lose the will to live because of oppressing THOUGHTS

For those of us who have lived long enough know that ….we CANNOT CONTROL EVERYTHING. Bad things happen to EVERYONE.

I’ve observed that some people unintentionally enjoy living common law with their prison-like status.

They choose to REHEARSE all the depressing issues that has and is taking place in their lives.

Attention please: Bad things happen to EVERYONE…but some of us choose NOT to be held captive by the bad stuff.

Are you exhausted with unhappy thoughts and self-destructive feelings?

Is it time for a prison break?

There’s only ONE permanent escape route…. and it’s choosing to call on the name of JESUS that is higher than any other names. He is the Alpha and Omega, the BEGINNING and The END of ALL our self imposed prison issues.

Nobody should be held hostage to bad stuff.

Jesus came to set all of us being held as prisoners of life’s issues… free.

No situation is too difficult a case to bring to Jesus. Why hold on to it anyway?

Those who were treated badly, or crushed by a tragedy ….can be set free from self imprisonment.

2018 is the year that scripture will be fulfilled….Jesus came to set the captive free. Free at last….thank God we can be free at last.

Prison is no place for Humans.

4 thoughts on “Prison is No Place For Humans

  1. Thank GOD for HIS freedom from bondage. Let us therefore, stand fast in the liberty wherewith CHRIST has made us free.
    Thank you, Junie, for this encouraging word. Blessings! πŸ‘­ πŸ’ πŸ‘

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