Keep Your Head High

Dear Friends,

I cannot overemphasize how extremely important it is that we keep our head high no matter what happens. The opposite is also true … if you lose courage when things go wrong …. you would have lost everything.

In life, the days don’t get easier…you just got to get stronger. Everybody can keep their heads high when the good days come along, but it takes a person with character to weather the storm and to speak about it at another time without tears.

Regardless of how hopeless and final some things may appear to be, a person’s whose faith is in God always reap the reward.

The God I serve is never late with His promises as some of us measure lateness. So many times when I felt like God wasn’t hearing me… He didn’t answer the way I was hoping He would. Instead…He increased my strength, and gave me a song in the midnight hour. I then was able to encourage myself.

I appreciate when God strengthens me to endure the hardships in life more than if He answers all my prayers. Why? Because my strength has given me wings that has propelled me time and time again closer to my destiny.

God has reassured me that He always has my best interest at heart. No one can change God’s purpose and destiny for me. It’s a sealed deal. So I’m staying with God.

If God brings me to face a storm, it’s guaranteed that He is the storm chaser.

God always has my best interest at heart. Yep!! That was a repeat line..#reassurance

Even if….I walk through the valley of the SHADOW death, God is holding my hand. I don’t have to be afraid.

The fate of a rich man and a poor man lies in the hands of God. So I’m staying with God.

Stay with God. Take heart. Don’t quit.

ONE positive thought about God day or night, night and day can change everything.

To dance in the rain, you must first learn to praise Him in the storm.

7 thoughts on “Keep Your Head High

  1. I remember a song we used to sing long ago – β€œBe Bold, Be Strong …..we are walking in faith and victory”
    Keep up the excellent work.


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