Adult – ing

Urban Dictionary: Adulting is a fake word used by millennials, in an attempt to turn the adjective adult into a verb. It describes an adult (20 years and older) who carries out duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals.

Adulting is exclusively used by those who adult LESS than 50% of the time. They party like an adult, but acts irresponsibly.

WOW! Interesting…

In the Book of Judges (hmmmm…Judges🤔) chapter 13…we read about Samson, a well known Bible character. He was a miracle child to his parents. His mom was barren and God miraculously blessed her with a child.

She received specific instructions from God not to drink wine, or have any strong drink, she must not eat any unclean thing, and she was warned that she should not cut his hair.

Samson was born with a divine purpose – to rule and bring freedom to his people that were held as slaves for 40 years by the Philistines.

Samson was raised in a God fearing home. He was a man of tremendous strength. In spite of his meticulous upbringing, and being raised with godly principles from his youth…. Samson deliberately made horrible choices.

His love for strange women cost him his life. Samson lost everything – his strength, his pride, his eyesight, and his purpose.

Everything was lost after his lover Delilah discovered his secret to his strength and cut his hair while sleeping in her arms.

Samson was given supernatural strength to help him fight against the enemies…but he died in shame and dishonor because of his inner demons of lust.

What a tragedy? A miracle child born to a barren woman. Angels proclaimed his birth to his both parents at separate times. His mother’s pregnancy came with special instructions from God leaving nothing to chance.

This was NOT a case of parenting gone wrong, but a case of ADULTING.

It’s important to note here that every decision/choice is followed up with consequences. Every one of us is TEMPTED by OWN desire, being seduced and trapped by it. But the foolish goes on and be punished. The wise person takes heed and acts with wisdom.

Adulting meansYOU are fully responsible for YOUR choices whether they were reasonable at the time of commitment or notknowingly or unknowingly. We are all free to choose, but no one is free from the penalty of their decisions.

Attention parents: We are in charge of our own happiness and peace of mind. We could have done everything right from conception to adulthood, but your adult child has the final choice. Compromising your standards is not an option to a rebellious offspring.

To our millennial generation….you were born with purpose….don’t miss getting to your destiny by making poor choices.

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