If God is So Good Why…..

If you have never heard any of the following questions before…chances are … maybe you have been a hermit.

So many times we hear people questioning the love of God when they are experiencing painful relationships issues and tragic deaths.

They ask:

  • Why do life hurt so much?
  • Why is there sickness?
  • Why did God allow my both parents to die in the car crash?
  • Where is God when bad things happen?
  • Why are children dying of hunger?

and certainly the list can go on and on.

Here’s my ‘two cents’ on this….
From the moment that Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden sin entered into the world. Followed by their offsprings Cain and Abel who had the first siblings rivalry…leading up to the first human murder. Cain murdered Abel because God favoured Abel’s sacrifice instead of his.

So therefore, we inherited the consequences of the first human‘s sin of disobedience. We now live in a sinful world, and no one is exempted from suffering not even the followers of Jesus Christ…not the apostles, or pastors, or any other great leader.

If you are honestly seeking the answers to life’s perplexing questions…

Jesus warned us way before anything happened:

  • We would have trouble
  • Nation will rise against nation
  • Kingdom against kingdom
  • Famines and earthquakes in many places
  • Fathers will turn against son and vice versa
  • Mother against daughter and vice versa
  • Mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and vice versa
  • Children will be rebellious

and the list can go on and on. You can do a research online to read all the scriptures where Jesus warned us on matters that will disturb our heart.

When bad things happen, it may shock us… but it certainly should not surprise us.

But thank God that the story does NOT END there. Jesus Christ is always in control of everything that happens in life. He knows how to take every tragedy and bring good out of it.

Even if we do not see or understand the purpose…we must choose to believe that some stuff we go through is God’s way of getting our attention.

When a parent want to get a child’s attention…you take away the toy.

The Sunday after 9/11… churches everywhere saw new faces. Folks were emotional, heartbroken, terrified as tears of sadness were visible on everyone’s faces. 9/11 was a huge tragedy … but it got people’s attention that they needed a SAVIOUR.

We may not have a reason why bad things happen… but we know this one thing – God’s love is the most consistent thing in our lives. Now, that is LOVE. When bad things happen we too need a SAVIOUR.

There’s no greater love than Jesus giving up His life for you and for me.

6 thoughts on “If God is So Good Why…..

  1. I will rise and put on my new garment. Thank you God for the hardness I’ve faced, for it’s because of this, I know without a doubt,there is a saviour, and his name is Jesus. Thank you for such uplifting and encouraging words. May God continue to increase you more and more in His wisdom as he draws you closer to His heart. Bless You.

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