I am a newbie to Social Media. I must say that I am appalled at the vast amount of angry and hurtful comments that are left on some people’s posts if the views shared are different from those of the commenters.

I would like to believe that everyone who posts should be respected for their own personal views. I think that pettiness has made some people cruel and insensitive to others.

Here’s my two cents on how to deal with pettiness:

  1. When someone gets petty…don’t get mad. Losing one minute of happiness turns into unproductive hours of being mad
  2. Block. Delete. You don’t have time to brood over negativity. People look for a reaction…so choose not to react
  3. It’s impossible to please everyone. Share your story. Make a difference
  4. People’s petty comments are a true reflection of them, not you. Ignore it
  5. Social Media is not for the faint of heart. Stay positive or stay behind bars
  6. Say something of worth that one day you will be proud of yourself. When they go low, you go high
  7. Dealing with pettiness is part of life, how you and I respond to it will leave a lasting impression on others
  8. Keep close bonds with those who love and respect you for your values. Respect goes both ways…to others and to yourself
  9. Enjoy posting your favourite moments. Your journey in life is unique, it can inspire others to see the best in themselves
  10. Will other people’s pettiness matter to you…next week…next month…next 5 years. No, it wouldn’t.

Finally, don’t sweat the small stuff. There are 7.442 billion people on planet earth….you really only need one GOOD friend. Don’t be overly obsessed with your ‘likes’ … be more aware of those who fix your crowns.

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