We are no longer a slave to Insecurities

The dictionary meaning of insecurity is a lack of self confidence, uncertainty or anxiety about oneself. Someone who is full of doubts about herself/himself.

The truth is, unfortunately we all have …and will… experience times of insecurity and low self-esteem. It’s just part of life.

An insecure person:

  • Worries about EVERYTHING
  • Apologizes even if there’s no apology needed
  • Feels unworthy when major opportunities arise
  • Negative thinking when faced with stressful events

I’ve found the following suggestions quite helpful in my own life:

  • Start asking yourself each day what are the things that you are grateful for. A grateful heart is a happy heart
  • Find time to do something that will boost your self-esteem and in that way you will gain confidence. Self-esteem rises to another level
  • Spend more time with people who are supportive. It re-energizes you
  • Refuse to be treated less than you deserve. Know your worth. Adjust your crown
  • It’s hard to be happy if you are always hard on yourself. There are great things about you that are worth celebrating
  • If you keep company with turtles, you would never fly

Sometimes our GREATEST blessings come from our most painful experience.

Trust the process. If loving yourself hurts … then it’s time to call on JESUS.

Push through the pain..it will be lifted and you begin to feel confident about yourself. It will be worth it.

Reality Checklist:

  • Secured people are kind. Hating others will hinder your relationship with yourself
  • Confident people do not envy. Your height, your facial features, your hair, your body were uniquely designed by God Himself. It had nothing to do with you….so loving yourself is one way to say “Thank you” to the Mastermind Himself
  • Insecurity is loud. Gentle does not mean that you are weak
  • Do not be arrogant. A humble spirit draws the right people to you
  • Being rude is not cute. Try to stay positive under all conditions. Walk away if things get out of control
  • Look out for others who are acting insecure. Extend a helping hand…we all can win

In closing:

Don’t settle for less than you are worth. Insecurities make you a victim and lower your self-esteem.

Your heavenly Father knew your worth long before He was finished knitting your parts together.

He stepped it all up by giving His only Son to die for you and me…and Jesus taught it was worth it.

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