Decisions Decisions Decisions

Parents – our decisions and choices have eternal consequences. If a mother leaves a child unattended, and he or she escapes and run into the road …. gets hit by a speeding car – there’s no amount of tears or regrets that can bring that child back to life.

Here’s an interesting proverb….

Sour grapes eaten by parents leave a sour taste in the mouths of their children.

Are children being punished for the decisions their parents make? It’s a sad reality that all parents have a right to make decisions for and on behalf of their household even the right to make bad decisions.

Some parents simply make bad decisions when it comes to – morals, lifestyles, priorities, age appropriate choices, and important spiritual decisions. When parents make bad choices, their children have zero options but to go along with them.

There’s little anyone can do to prevent dumb parents from making a mess of their family’s life… other than to pray and hope in GOD for the best results.

Bad decisions made by parents can jeopardize their children’s lives for all of eternity without an intervention from God.

Parents, your choices have eternal consequences on the innocent lives of your household. Material things like clothes, electronic devices, and purchasing a nice home CANNOT replace the PRESENCE OF GOD IN THE HOME.

Being busy or unavailable to your children creates long lasting damage, no matter the age of your kids.

When a parent decides to walk with GOD – God’s Presence stays in the home….your legacy is secure.

Inviting CHRIST to be HEAD of your home, the UNSEEN GUEST at every meal and the SILENT LISTENER to our every conversation – pays off lifelong dividends that far exceeds anyone’s imagination.

When the famine is severe – God provides.

When you become fearful – God ministers peace.

When walls come crashing down around you – you will be safe.

When you are despised by men – God becomes your judge.

Things may look impossible – God specializes in all things call impossible.

Is ANYTHING too hard for God to do? At the appointed time – God comes along and your victory is sure.

In the integrity of my heart and the innocence of my hands – I WILL choose God.

Our decisions and choices have eternal implications. If Christ isn’t the head of our HOUSEHOLD – we are doomed for failure.

The world wants all that God has to offer… while those who grew up in church finds themselves running after the emptiness of the world.

A successful family is one whose builder and foundation is Christ.

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