Self-confidence definitely comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m not ashamed to say that I guard my relationship with God more than any other relationship. And unless you too experience it for yourself – it will never make much sense to you.

Our life is not defined by what we have, even IF we have a lot.

We can live in a mansion that has the capacity to hoard all our earthly goods and say to ourselves that we have done well. We can retire and take it easy because life is great.

But when we all have come to the final chapter of our lives – absolutely nothing we have achieved will matter because we cannot take anything with us when our heart has expired.

In the Bible – Jesus called a rich man who openly displayed and bragged about his wealth a ‘fool‘….

Why would Jesus call this wealthy man a fool? After all this man was so rich with his crops yielding great abundance that he didn’t know what to do with all the excess. He thought that the only solution was to build bigger barns so he could store his harvest.

If this rich man was alive today, he would have been in the top ten richest people in the world. Everyone would have been looking up to him because he would have money, luxury cars and ladies. And yet Jesus called him a fool.

I don’t think Jesus meant that the man’s wealth made him a fool … because father Abraham was also a rich man.

So…I have come to the conclusion that the rich man’s possessions became more important than his personal relationship with God – so it was a foolish decision. He considered building bigger barns instead of building a relationship with God.

At birth, we bought nothing into the world…when we leave, we are going out with NOTHING. It is foolish to do life WITHOUT GOD.

There’s one undeniable truth – we only get one opportunity to be alive on earth….whether it is enough or not…no one can add or take away to our predestined years.

We as human beings minimized the fact that everything we do on a daily basis is totally dependant on God.

From the moment we open our eyes, put on our clothes, jump into our cars, open the door to our offices or barns is because of God’s mercy and grace. We rush around our selfish lives achieving greatness while unconsciously forgetting about God.

One day we all are going to need God – the atheist including. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is LORD.

The problems of life will overwhelm us, disappointments are going to come banging on our doors…money cannot solve life’s pain and heart breaks….but Jesus Christ can.

We’ve got to know Jesus Christ for ourselves.

Don’t be a fool. Don’t be fooled. We are totally dependant on God for the very next move we will make…whether it’s getting off our beds, or putting our shoes on.

I don’t want you to ever believe that everything is great with me…. but, I’ve got a Father that gives me the calm assurance that my life is being held by His hands…and that makes a big difference between us.

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