❤❤❤Have a Magical Day ❤❤❤

We all know that strong healthy relationships don’t just happen. If you think you are the King then treat her like the Queen. A happy wife is a happy life.

Where you give yourself no options in a relationship….you will fight for it. If you have options…chances are you will walk away at the first disagreement.

News Flash:

Healthy relationships have disagreements, emotions run high, and they face challenges just like everyone else.

It really doesn’t take much to keep each other happy. Being told that you are appreciated is one of the easiest way to win someone’s heart.

A couple that spends quality time together stays together.

The best memories are the funny ones.

Going into bed at the same time maybe the only time that you actually get to be alone all day. Pillow talk relaxes you and makes you feel appreciated. When drifting off to sleep, stay close rather than far apart.

If you want a happy home you must put in the time. It just doesn’t happen by chance. A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other even in those moments you STRUGGLE TO LIKE EACH OTHER.

Misunderstandings are a normal part of life. Apologies work like magic. No one is perfect …so it’s important to stay connected and think of each other’s strengths.

A healthy relationship is one that take determination, commitment and effort on everyone’s part.

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