For the L❤VE of our Children

No matter how hard we try to be good parents – there’s no guarantee that our kids will make good choices. Some choices may break our hearts…but it should not break our spirits.

As good parents we are committed to loving our children through the good times and bad times. The truth is, we don’t stop loving them even if they don’t live up to our expectations.

As parents, there are countless times when our kids may tug at our last nerve, push our emergency buttons, and yes… there are those times all we can see are their unlovable sides.

But, regardless of what our feelings or emotions may be at any given moment …we have made the choice to love them unconditionally.

One thing we as parents have no control over… preventing them from suffering the consequences of their decisions and choices.

When we have done all we can do…then we must stand strong knowing that we can trust God to take care of all the things that may cause us to grow concerned. We know that He will do a much better job at answering our prayers than we could do by fretting or worrying.

God loves our kids much more than we do, and He will never stop working in their lives until they take their final breath.

In closing – our children’s choices are not a reflection of us …but of them.

Do the things you enjoy to relieve the stress and give them over to GOD.

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