Don’t let the Darkness Stop You

A Tunnel is an underground passageway, dug through the surrounding soil/earth/rock, and enclosed except for entrance and exit at each side.

Note: Tunnels are not designed for continuous occupancy. They are dark, lonely, scary, and very intimidating….so you must keep on moving forward through the tunnel.

Our journey in life is pretty much like walking or driving through a tunnel. Whether we are bold or cowardly … It’s important to keep a clear view of our destination. We can’t continuously take up occupation in a tunnel.

It doesn’t mean that everything will be smooth and perfect all the time…but once we know that God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is in control ….then there’s a light at the exit.

Our journey sometimes takes us into some scary underground passageway….but … there will always be an exit.

Our difficult seasons were not designed for continuous occupancyso don’t sit and complain. Refuse to hand over power to your current season.

The same God that directed you out of the darkness countless times before …has the power to order your steps so you can walk away like a boss.

Without the JOURNEY …there will be no destination. And – Life will be meaningless. It’s like going no where and getting there fast.

The thing about coming out of the tunnel experience safely is …. to keep trying to do what’s right even when it doesn’t look like there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay on course… and … focus on the positive side of life.

We were built by God to overcome everything that was meant to destroy us.

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