The Bits and Pieces makes a great Masterpiece

I’m grateful for the countless obstacles I tripped over in my life…those obstacles have propelled me into finding my destiny.

The bits and pieces of insecurity, second guessing myself, failures, and serious doubts and fears have all worked in my favor.

I pray that I will never make it appear that I do have it all together today … because I do not.

I’ve failed at many things that have positively turned into my greatest teaching moments – thank you Jesus.

I am still working on becoming stronger when my weaknesses surface to the top – God is still working on me.

Those weird and ugly bits and pieces in my life … hmmm…they will one day become a masterpiece in my creator’s hands.

Knowing GOD and having a relationship (yes, the same kind of relationship a lover wants with you) is what makes me wake up each and everyday with great expectations.

I’m in that place where everything feels right. My heart is calm, and my thoughts are positive. My faith is stronger than ever, and I’m at peace with all that I’ve gone through to be who I am today. I am also at peace to where I’m heading. The view looks great because I’ve handed everything over to God.

God saw long before I could figure out what a mess I was in, how horrible my choices were, how moody I could get, how difficult I could be….and He still chose to work on me, and I have no regrets in giving up my fight with Him.

I wouldn’t always win, and many days I will lose…but once I have my friendship with God in right standing….my today will be always be better than my yesterday.

Sometimes in life our situations will keep repeating itself until we hand them over to GOD.

Don’t let a bad day make you feel like you have a bad life.

A day has 24 hours. A good life has three scores and ten (70 years) minimum and if by reason of strength they can go on….

8 thoughts on “The Bits and Pieces makes a great Masterpiece

  1. Indeed, God is the Strength of my life. I give God the Glory for taking me over the several hurdles in life.
    Continue to run the race with your head lifted up to HIM with graitude. You have chosen wisely in allowing HIM to lead you.
    Keep pressing on.
    Your true stories are inspiration to many, even me.
    Stay Blessed.

  2. I too waited so long to accept God’s truth, at first That realization made me sad that I saved Him for my last possibility. Then I realized I always saved THE BEST for last. GOD is an AWESOME GOD✝️

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