Are You A Target?

Someone once said, “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” This statement means no matter what happens we must keep going. Giving up should never be an option.

With that in mind….here’s something important to take note of:

Every human being is a target for the devil.

The devil is not giving up until he robs us of everything we possess. He is a bully….he enjoys strutting his power and capabilities clearly to intimidate us and corner us into fear.

When you know your opposing foe, you must fight with wisdom. You don’t fight harder – you fight smarter.

His strategies have been very consistent throughout times. This is a plus for us …. we are not going to give up. Giving up is not an option. Fight smarter!

Here are a few areas that the devil targets:

1. He targets our families. Healthy families make happy homes. Happy homes make our communities safe. The opposite is also true….When the family is divided and in disarray, homes are shattered and the communities become unsafe.

2. Untimely death. The devil creates an atmosphere of hopelessness. His job is to prevent us from living out our years. Dreams die and our failures line the pathway.

3. He targets our faith in God by bringing doubt in our minds. When we don’t expect God to turn up on our behalf…we don’t receive anything.

4. The devil targets our finances. No money – No love is a true statement. Money issues are one of the most common problems in marriages. It often times lead to divorce.

5. The devil targets our voice… he silence it. No pray…No power. Depression and anxiety takes over when our voice is silenced.

Mark 3:27 says, “Do you think it is possible in broad daylight to enter the house of an awake, able bodied man, and walk off with his possessions unless you tie him up first?”

If Jesus Christ is head of our home….no devil in Hell can bind Him up and walk away with our possessions.

Jesus is fully well able to build a virtual protective hedge around our families, and our finances.

Jesus has given us a voice to declare and make known His mighty acts..we are always ready to give an account of our faith.

Whom God bless with life – no devil in Hell can take it away.

Because Jesus lives – we can face all our tomorrows.

It takes faith to move on from here. Everything we may have lost can be recovered in Jesus Name.

It may take tears, pain, and disappointments….but God is fighting for us until we get to the other side.

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