When God Asks A Question

A friend sent me the following and I found it to be thought provoking ….


When I read the bible, I love when GOD asks questions. He doesn’t ask for himself. He already knows the answer. He asks us because He wants us to understand and get it.

1:He asked Adam, “Where art thou?”

■■■■■ Sometimes we don’t realize WHERE we are in life and it takes the VOICE OF GOD to REMIND US.
Genesis 3:9

2.He asked Moses,

“What is that, you have in your hands?”

■■■■■ Many times the very blessing we need is already within our grasp.
Exodus 4:2

3.He asked Ezekiel,

“Can these bones live?”

■■■■■ Sometimes you may think a situation in your life has died. But GOD is reminding you that it can live. It’s NOT over! It’s NOT dead!
Ezekiel 37:3

4.He asked Abraham,

“Is there anything too hard for GOD?”

■■■■■ Think about that as you are going through life. I don’t care what it looks like. There is NOTHING too hard for GOD to do. NOTHING is impossible with GOD. Genesis 18:14


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